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Oil Refinery

About Us

The Customized Training Your Team Needs 

We work with employers to ensure your workers get the specific training they need. Rather than filling their head with safety topics that will never come up in their work environment, we strive to provide specialized training that will make the workplace a safer environment on a day-to-day basis.

We’re Not Just Here to Check

If you are serious about keeping your employees safe and protecting your business from unnecessary risks, then you want Windy City Safety Consultants to provide your training. This is more than just meeting the minimum legal requirements for your business. We help your business to operate with a culture of safety that can prevent accidents and may even save a life.

Oil refinery plant in the evening
 About Our Company 

Training Consultants with Real-Life Safety Experience 

WCSC is owned and operated by first responders. We know what it means to work in an industry that requires everyone to follow a code of conduct in order to reduce the risk of serious injury or even death. We pride ourselves on providing Chicago businesses with customized training that meets the needs of employers and provides employees with the knowledge to protect themselves and their coworkers. 

 Contact Us 

Get in Touch Today 

WCSC is here to help ensure your team is trained to identify safety hazards and handle accidents properly in the rare case they do occur. Contact us today to learn more.

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