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Windy City Safety Consultants

Chicago’s Onsite HAZWOPER Training Experts 

Windy City Safety Consultants wants to help your organization improve safety measures and reduce accidents. 

 Our Services 

Our Safety and Training Services

Get to know the services we offer to our clients.

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Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training is required for many businesses. 

CPR Training

CPR can save a life in an emergency situation. We proudly offer American Heart Association First Aid training, CPR, and AED ) training onsite.  

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OSHA Construction Certification

We offer a 10-hour OSHA construction certification training course onsite to get your workers certified. 

Life Safety Systems

E-Fire Pumps, Sprinklers, Alarms, Extinguishers. 

 About Our Company 

Training Consultants with Real-Life Safety Experience 

WCSC is owned and operated by fire fighters. We know what it means to work in an environment that requires everyone to follow a code of conduct in order to reduce the risk of serious injury or even death. We pride ourselves on providing Chicago businesses with customized HAZWOPER training that meets the needs of employers and provides employees with the knowledge to protect themselves and their coworkers.

Creating a Culture of Safety Through Training

Windy City Safety Consultants wants to help your organization improve safety measures and reduce accidents.There’s no second chance when it comes to preventing workplace accidents. The time for proper HAZWOPER training is now.

Saving Lives – Not Just Checking Compliance Boxes

The company is owned and operated by firefighters. We’re not the team you bring in when all that matters is collecting signatures to appease compliance. We’re the consultants when you call when you want a highly trained staff capable of helping your workplace become accident resistant.

The Training Your Team Can’t Do Without

From onsite HAZWOPER training to CPR training to OSHA construction certification to a team that can check your fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers, WCSC is here to make Chicago a safer city for employees, one business at a time. 

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Get in touch to see how we can help your organization create a culture of safety through training. 

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